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Watcher Appreciation Month!! #1 - Toshiko-paws!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 2, 2016, 4:32 PM
Watcher Appreciation Month by TheArtOfSilentShout
You heard it right folks! :iconlarryplz:
February 1st marks the first official day of my own totally made-up, self-proclaimed watcher appreciation month! :la: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the month of November, I will be featuring a special watcher, with thumbnails of some of my favorite work from them, and probably a semi lengthy, potentially mushy paragraph about why they are so great! lol I figured with this month being the month of Valentines Day - and me being something of a non Valentines Day celebrator (You should express love to people all year, not just one day, all that jazz, lol) part of me wants to get vaguely vaaaaaaaaguely festive.
It hit me yesterday - I haven't given Valentines cards since Elementary school @.@ I've received little things from people here and there, mostly my parents, but I haven't done anything myself
I've never even done a Kiriban, or anything on here to let you guys know how awesome you are, 

and it's high time dammit. :iconguaahplz:

So, without further ado, my first featured artist,
is the lively and hysterical
Living Louder by Toshiko-pawsYou're so beautiful by Toshiko-paws
This is my wonderful friend Tara, and first is...welp, basically her in dog form! lol Looks so like her too! XD and next is her and her husbands fursonas', Sagome and Flak.
With this being the first feature, I figured it would only be appropriate to choose the person who convinced me to get here on Deviantart in the first place! - and by convinced, I mean  it went a little something like this:

"Lauren, you need to get on Deviantart!"
"Ahhh...I don't know, I don't really feel like my art is.."
"@^@ Okay."

And that's how she do. lol
Works every time. XD

Tara and I actually used to go to school together back in 7th and 8th grade before the military gave my dad orders to move to North Carolina, and when I moved, boy did I lose one of the greatest bunches of people I've ever met.
-Cue my intro to social media though, and I've been able to keep up with all of my friends from afar, and gain insight into their lives through their art and what personal details they share on the internet.
-But back to Tara! :iconwatchitplz:

Anakin pup by Toshiko-pawsTrottin by Toshiko-pawsI Swear I Lived by Toshiko-pawsLost in the echo by Toshiko-pawsBUT FIRST, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE. by Toshiko-paws

Puppies and Kitties and Wolves and Foxes, and all manner of 4 legged critters'-oh my!
Just look at the cute!!! >w<
Tara is what I like to think of as a master of all things cute, fluffy, playful and festive, but she certainly doesn't adhere to that all the time! She is very much the kind of person who uses her art as a way of expressing, as well as venting how she feels, so there is always a good range of emotions represented. She has an inate talent for the subtleties of facial expressions, that shows itself in everything she touches - from sweet and loving, Coy and playful, to absolute rage and aggression, this girl really gets into the minds of her characters and what they must be feeling, and you can certainly sense it!

Kimba and kitty plushies by Toshiko-paws

While she primarily focuses on digital art, do not be fooled! She is rather multi-talented and does traditional art from time to time, as well as plushies!

Lots and lots of plushies. @0@


Did I mention this girl is a fucking workhorse!? Jesus Christ. lol
Her along with foxpill make the most adorable plushies together and spend time hand-crafting and sewing each and every one - at a rate that frankly, blows my mind.

If you enjoy canine/animal/anime style art, go check her out!

To: Tara
Thank you for always being such a wonderful friend - in fact, I think that if I could grant you some kind of title, some kind of trait that really stands out in your nature, like at the end of Wizard of Oz, giving courage badges or some shit, your title would be - friend.
You are one of the most thoughtful, and furiously loyal friends anyone could ever have, and that compassion and thoughtfulness expresses itself in every thing you do. Your radiant joy and humor, and "I don't give a fuck, I'm having fun" attitude, has been something of a flower that I have held in my heart for all these years, referencing, in times when it is hard to believe that some sort of happiness still lurks out there. 
When my eyes tell me otherwise, I remember my Tara.
I love you. Thank you. ^^

-In other news to everyone else, I've had to kinda keep it on the down-low, but Erik and I actually moved to Texas for his new job back in December, so, like some crazy fated turn of events, now I am actually near my friends after basically 8/9 years, so I'll be able to have these wonderful people back in my life again.
To whatever magnificent force that makes this cosmic sea churn.
Thank you.
Infinite thank you's.
Imma be chillin with my Tara tonight for the first time in 8 years for next 3 days and it's the fucking besssssssstttt!!!!!

With love,
Silent Shout

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