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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 13, 2015, 9:50 PM
Hey guys!

I just wanted to give you guys a little update as to what is going on in my world and shtuff for those who care to know!

:bulletblack: First thing - Commissions - Commissions are currently closed for now.  I will update when they are open again! :]

:bulletblack: Second thing - and it's a biggun for folks who I've told I was going to (do this) prior to now, but I have decided to pull out of Libraricon 2015 (Fayetteville, NC) in September. It's a bit of an emotional blow of a decision, Especially considering that this was going to be my first convention, and I was really excited about it, but after kicking the idea around for a while, ultimately I've decided that it's best all across the board that I wait until I have everything really and truly together, and at a point where I can feel confident about -literally- what I'm bringing to the table.
- Next year though! XD

I have been rather busy with things regarding art - maybe not in a way that is visible to all of you just yet, but the process I find myself in at the moment is one of laying ground work, getting organized, and most importantly, getting my head on straight! I never really made an announcement or anything like that, as I felt it would seem a little...I dunno, flamboyant? Naive? Pretentious? Something...
but back in March, I actually quit my job to pursue art full time (full time being a relative term, as there are lots of other things that occupy my time!)
It's been a bit of a wild journey trying to come to grips with what it means to really embrace this opportunity and take full responsibility for everything involved. There are so many things I've had to deal with that have made me really realize what a big deal it is that there are people out there at all - musicians, actors, etc. - who express, entertain, and inspire full-time as a living!  This is not a path for the faint of heart - in fact, in many ways I feel like the decision to abandon the apparent safety and security of a well paying job (or anything for that matter), to walk straight into the uncertainty of the unknown, with the intention of doing well, is probably the single bravest thing a person can do...
As a culture of image consumers, it can be easy to be disillusioned into thinking that there's this fantasy world out there where "Some people are just made to do this, and some aren't". When comparing yourself, or your skills to the brilliantly crafted (and massively expensive) images that flood the media outlets of our culture, it can be easy to say "Oh I could never do something like that.." "I'll never be that good.." or the general feeling of "Holy shit, this stuff was made on some other planet and beamed in by a race of superior beings that never have to fold laundry or shower because dirt doesn't exist where they come from!"
I guess what I'm coming to find is that, if you want to be successful with a venture like this, or anything for that matter really, you have to learn how to be your own best friend - really fast!
It's been pretty insane to see how full of doubt, self-hatred, and bad habits (mentally,emotionally, physically - all of the above!) I am.
I imagined that when I started this venture, it would be some sort of "Full steam ahead! It's all willpower, organization, and emotional management from here!" sort of thing - when in reality, it is indeed all of that, but in BOLD, italicized letters that are underlined about 8 times, with red pen, highlighted, circled, bedazzled, glittered, and plastered with bloodshot, tiny pupiled, plastic googly-eyes.

(Probably my favorite video ever on the internet - I've sent this to way too many people...surprisingly too appropriate for too many things XD )
- back on track here!
I am not just yet at a place where I have much physically to show for it, mostly just a lot of plans, and commissions-in-progress - a little hard to digest when you're looking at yourself going "As an artist, aren't know, supposed to be making art?" lol
I feel like today I made a great step forward in realizing that:
Not only is the outcome of this venture entirely up to me, but along the way, of course you will be challenged by people who do not know what it is that you are trying to achieve, or at the very least, how you will get there (without killing yourself in the process!) Sometimes even your friends and family may look at you a bit strange and hope to god you aren't losing your mind, and this is perhaps the hardest thing to stomach...
What I've learned - Thanks to my awesome brother (Check his music out if you like, he's brilliant!! and a little Wendy's parking lot pep talk from my friends :iconcaliconorth:
is the power of accurate, non-self defeating communication about what is going on, and what you are doing.
If your day has been 80% productive, and 20% meltdown - do not exclusively share with people only the meltdowns because it is the most overwhelming or recent of emotions...XD This will make them worry. Let them know the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all -  but especially the good.
Moral of the story here, as not to drag on forever:

 XD and most importantly! - love yourself.

I have a lot of commissions lined up right now, so there may not be a lot of personal stuff from me for a little while, but I plan to start making and developing a lot of different kinds of things - Stickers, keychains, dolls, prints, T shirts, etc. and having them for sale in the not entirely distant future, so send your lucky stars my way sometime if you will,
Do your thing,
and keep on keeping on my friends ^^

With love,
Silent Shout

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